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My life is mine of course, not less than my limbs are mine, and that life needs to resonate with all life around it too, to vibrate, to circulate, to survive. The moment it stops doing so it starts to come to an end.—The world is actively rejecting a life not lived, potential not accessed, a tune unsound. 




I started by breaking out of the norm radically, moving through multiple cultures, researching transformational practices, confirming through application and cross referencing of different sources... also isolating similarities and differences over multiple places, climates, genetic pools, cultures, and other parameters and found universal humor, a fresh and vibrant, heretic and invested perspective on the evolution of the human form and life in general.


Coming from the exclusive, bridging a kind of fast track mutation that less than a handful other living humans experienced to this extend with such lucidity, and consciously; moved into the Inclusive world of mainstream human life and evolution. From fast and radical to slow and integral. Rather than fast and exclusive transformational practices, breaking out of the human form, nowadays I look at its constants at the level of an individual, and observe the slower human evolution at-large, and find lots of meaning and laughter in it. Let's look forward into the past, feel the future behind us coming closer, and not to forget; laugh together. 


I had a very unique childhood with very sensitive, artistic and loving parents, a competitive but warm brother, fantastically creative and versatile loving cousins, uncles and aunts who also parented me, and regular summers spent in an international, extremely artistic and richly versatile village, which was a important complementary to the western first education I received. There was the playful and individualistic Kindergarten and Montessori school in Berlin on one side, and on the other side, the Georgian-Turkish village with the most naturalistic and complex uniform tribal artistic identity I have seen so far, fully tuned and danced out at every celebration possible collectively. These complementaries made me aware and helped me to differentiate the social and evolutionary layers of tribal, collective and individual.



»There it was, I was starting to become Evolution Man—The Superhero!!!«  ; ) 



I understood the laws of acoustics and mathematical properties of sound, by watching those dancers, relating the movements of them to the sounds and tunes played by the musicians, and how they relate and react to each other at sudden changes. So many EMI and Sundance awards were lost there due to ignorance, because back then, EMI and Sundance were't aware of what's going on in that village. One day, I also figured out, as Turkish currency deflated in relation to the deutsche mark to a rate of 7,000 to 1, that money is an inflated non-realistic measurement of value, that it would be better not to depend on it too much, focusing on other things instead. I must have been about 12 years old, living in the village, when this thought first crossed my mind. 


There wasn't a single penny of tax money spent on culture in that village, it was all vitalising voluntary communal activity, and yet I had almost all my artistic and scientific insights and revelations in that village. That integrity and informal originality, that distribution of value, formed my future judgement, awareness and perceptivity in life toward value, economy, art and expression, my integrity, values which have a name and other things which don't have a name but a spirit instead, and everything else I am representing today. In that village, I had seen something not many have had a chance of experiencing. From then onwards, I had an extra sense of reality and a whole new level of perceiving the originality of behaviour. 

»From that moment on, living in two worlds back and forth, I felt like traveling in time with a newly-awoken sixth sense, between the tribal and the collective perfection - the Anatolian village of tribal artistic ecstasy, and the German capital of city culture. I am bathing in the same neutrino weather of the day, carrying the same genetic code to be influenced by those neutrinos passing through it, yet in resonance to different tunes of different worlds as different layers of the same space.« — Evolution Man

Great friendships followed, and a rich and versatile life. The first inspiration for my activities today started appearing around 2012–2015 in Berlin, and on journeys to Greece, France, Spain, in SEA the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, in Africa, Mali and Morocco, while observing inspirational characters, healers, chefs, musicians, stage actors, dancers, QiGong and tea masters, sorcerers and seers, presenters and all kinds of artists as well.


All those people delivered a great and warmly shared sense of living and humor, who dived into life in big and small wanderings, journeys and expeditions, while they always seem to take their best friends along, which fascinated me. It suddenly dawned on me that »being where I want to be«»living my own life« and »having my best friends around« can be one and the same; Working in integrity and intimacy does not have to be two separate worlds! Indeed, me and my team got compliments for our intimacy and confidentiality very often, what better proof than that.—Wow!


»Remember the Hollywood Movie with the Superhero having a double life? I just thought of Spiderman here. Except a few lucky ones, nobody in the movie knows his superhero double life and there is a certain complexity and charm, a dramatic amount of versatility and humanity to his personality, all triggered by an event which could very well happen in your own life; yet the real difference to his being, is his integrity, not the Superhero ability.


"Wait a minute, what's wrong with them?"


That is how I have felt among my best friends and probably had them feel like too. Their capabilities were definitely superhero-in-hiding level and more than that, they had this unexpected level of integrity.


"I don't do, I happen!"


I myself will soon publish my super ability. Evolution Man, the only and merely observant Super-Hero who shares his involuntary ability with everyone and complains.«


On the other side, starting around 2012, I decided to experience traditional Chinese medicine for the sake of my sinus issue, which was finally resolved by the support of an excellent humanitarian Lebanese ENT Doctor, who successfully operated on me after a few months of transformation of my diet, lifestyle and self awareness, initiated by traditional Chinese medicine sessions of diagnosis, consultancy, acupuncture and herbal therapy by a great therapist who became one of my best friends in later years.


That therapy changed a lot for me, brought new curiosities, interests and networks into my life, and started off a chain reaction of meetings and new experiences. I met other traditional medicine practitioners across the world, each of different methodology, application and culture, and medical movement artists and individuals who did explorations moving in similar terrain.


Other smaller crossings of paths in Berlin and later in other cities followed, with inspiring people doing practical research on human consciousness and awareness, deconditioning, perception, molecular neuro-chemistry, and radical transformational practices. All this, across different sources of methods, different regions and cultures and with companions of different reasoning, will and humor. In these years I attended some meetings, courses, tried a lot of things, shared lots of information and ended up living in remote villages in the Cretan Mountains with very interesting folks on both two and four legs.


Long story short, having had that wonderful village experience, coming from a music and performing arts background, grounded by a comprehensive perspective on health and perception of life, I dived into an experience of radical transformational practices, living with people of radical abilities walking on the edge of the common definition of a human being, even surpassing these "limits" on a daily basis.


All that mixture of freedom, exploration, friendship and satisfaction; mixed with regular beautiful but distorted challenges pushing me out of my comfort zone. It was crushing all sense of control and balance into a new form of fragility and dependence. I was living in a highly manipulative and shaky environment. It manifested into the appearance of a paralysis, living through an ongoing process of a radical transformation.





All this, while I was in process of defining the contents of my media project and initiating it. Shaky ground in every sense. And yet, I was going through a process only a handful people in the world, if any, went through so sanely and still with such integrity and so much to offer for society. These experiences further developed the confidentiality and exclusivity of my friendships beyond imagination, especially in terms of awareness.



 »Standing on the spaceship planet earth, traveling through space and time!«



I moved on in life, did some house cleaning, finished all unfinished business I could find, and the difficulties and instability decreased over the following years while at the same time I have built up my knowledge, abilities and network further and finally started to feel complete again, reinvented my integrity in society and humanityand coming from practices of radical transformation and a more liberated humor for life, I found joy in the golden middle path; focusing primarily on the evolution of the human form; Bridging the radical, the exclusive with the inclusive evolution of the human form at large under the roof of what hooked me up in the first place; a warm and completely open minded sense of humor!


This combination of the extremes I experienced offered me perspective. Firstly, it made me realise that the majority of humans literally ask for being conditioned, which is proven by so many truths accepted when happening in distant places or stories but when happening to your neighbour or roommate are denied as impossible. And being homogenised is an accepted norm. Secondly, it gave me great accuracy and clarity; as a result, more speciousness and a quality of silence, a deeper sense of awareness and fulfilment followed naturally.


In the recent years, I keep only overachieving all my goals, not the fastest way, but the most beautiful way possible, with my best friends as companions.