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When an older person complains how lazy the new generation is (ironically, complaining is a form of laziness and ignorance), then I jokingly answer, that "the current youth has a full time job of adapting to the unseen speeds of evolution and change, the visible rest of their life is just their weekend job, their part timer." Fast change is occupying most of the space in our lives. Unseen intensity and speeds of Mutation and Evolution.


It also has the bigger importance by defining current human life. What else could it be? Stop for a moment and think. Would you rather prefer to define the conflict, to define the problem, the trouble about it or would you like to embrace it, accept it and develop integrity with the times and cultivate that change?


Where does this lead us to? What will be the upcoming challenges? How can these readings and insights be better utilised for integrity, to give the upcoming generations a better starting point? It rather looks like they will be the ones doing the guiding, we just have to be aware and open for it. 


Change requires some space to be enjoyed, lets clean up a little? A proper house cleaning through comedy content so we can laugh at ourselves and with each other is a great tool of deconditioning. Getting rid of the outdated behaviours and standards by shaking them off with laughter and filling the opening space with fresh life; enjoying self exploration and redefined integrity. System update people!




»Walk your talk.«  





The irony is there is no time to help everyone decondition and get rid of all outdated habits. When you live on mind and plans instead of living in natural self response even a 1,000 lives wouldn't be enough. So laughing about it seems the better desperate choice anyway, as society as it is today also will repeatedly pull each other back into the old ways. Remember that ignorant teacher of yours complaining all the time? Realistic choices help, squeezing too much into one lifetime and ignorance does not.


We do encourage self exploration, create laughter about outdated conditioning and homogenisation and help society shake it off by doing lots of research and field study, creating content and delivering inspiration, perform analysis and consultation, even offer partnerships in development, branding and promotion and we use our capabilities in a number of fields to change things from the bottom up by living it as examples; Thus we trigger innovation and further authentication, individualisation and recalibration.


We also pack some good conversation into tea tastings, hospitality, travel and explorations, individualised stage work, performance and gastronomic services. We navigate through places and people in unusual ways too, offering insights for individuals preparing to invest significant amounts of time and resources into these places, or form new partnerships.