»     Prolog





There are so many concepts—media projects; with certain perspectives and philosophies about it out there. Often they inspire and create new industries, new products, even new services and new awareness they encourage as well out in human spaces.



»But are they necessary?«


»These mind constructs?«





»I don’t know.«


»I don’t think so.«





»They are beautiful, so much so.«


»They are unique too, each one of them.«




Last but not least; from a »cultural« perspective, they seem up to date, at least more than the majority is today, so they don’t become boring.—It’s called entertainment. Yet they still try to fit their lessons into a very static perspective. They seek constants for all humanity, interpersonal »truths«, overcoming long periods of time, and they lose something doing so.


     They find a homogenised and misleading truth, which is, at best, and for some people only, coming close to pinpoint it, but never really hit it!—Always slightly misses it! Especially for the »subject« which is the very perceiver of it. For most, and sometimes completely so, it doesn’t even come close to defining it, less so helping a solution or authentic evolvement. 




This attitude is a little oblivious towards the current human evolution, isn't it? A little lacking self awareness. Like some people trying to be themselves but expressing the lesson in words of others, or in truths of the past.

By homogenising the human truth the old way, the way it was, and projecting it out now, they completely miss what is the human evolution today. We will refer to this behaviour as »conditioned« in the following.



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