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 CHAPTER I  – The Acoustic Perspective



For the last 90.000 years of human evolution, the frontal cortex underwent some major changes. People developed brain capabilities, and the ability to look at things in an organised way. Thought systems, organized professions and archives were created.—Well, of course, still today, it makes life easier to know that most of us only need one pair of shoes. Or shake one hand at a time.—Obviously there are some, to the point human standards, there is a human form.




Yet now, the evolution of the human form is about emotion; the emotional mechanism and awareness of every individual, how that individual is unique in endlessly complex and dynamic ways. And this is so different from person to person, how it is lived, and experienced, how it works, what perspective and awareness that emotional mechanism grows. And this infuses with maybe the fastest change in human history happening in and around us too. It makes up for incredible and very dynamic complexity. If this wasn't enough, although we have good user manuals for machines, reading into a human being accurately still appears to be a rare luxury. 


     You have been conditioned, rather than made self aware. Think of it like a national anthem presented into your life from young on as if it was your favorite song. It doesn't work that way does it? It probably is rather your least favorite song. And why is that?—And what about you, you particularly, and the moment, the connection with your environment, what it requires, and who was it coming for again, the song it is.—But where is your voice in this?  




Especially now, the personal truth, individuals who live in the »self«, are the foundation for the collective, for society and humanity as a whole. And its authenticity, health and potency, the value of the awareness it produces and pushes forward into the future, the next generations, lies within the quality of its individuals! Awareness is primarily created in the self. And only through it's completely confrontational, honest, transparent and uncompromized experience of the self, as a social norm, it forms an integral complexity and has the capacity to adapt to change immediately and equally versatile.


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