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We work on our teamwork, partnership and awareness in such a manner that the resulting farsightedness, especially in crisis not foreseen by the mainstream, does help not being effected in the quality of our reaching of goals, and that we always surpass our self estimation of performance by the rule. This is a very difficult task to keep up no matter what, because the concept of motivation is a “foreign” conditioning. It is coming from the current values of society, and being mainly a homogenised concept, it is often still engraved in us deeply. It took years to clean up with the conditioning, in other words, with the other-directedness!


That in return has led us to become more aware of our selves, our own nature, singularly and in different team configurations and to explore and set up that team chemistry further which in return set free formerly untapped sensitivity and potential both personally and teamwise. The conditioned obsession of going through logic every time or eliminating the wrong choices to get to the better ones is replaced with a direct and individual approach based on self-awareness and releases a lot of formerly wasted space, time and resources. It brought us great accuracy and clarity in perception and quickly raised the quality and potency of the work and network we are involved in. Everything became much clearer and easer and the results on all levels are fantastic. It reclaims healthy lifetime and transforms teamwork into sheer pleasure. For that sake, when we look at another single person, we don't project the homogenised truth, we really look at the person! We observe! We listen! To the acoustic, individual, mutational frequencies in the background.





Mutation is a primarily individual frequency, and we recognise it as such, fine tune for it, fine tune our perception and awareness through it. At some point, while having a good conversation in which I was mentioning my team, I suddenly realized, that no matter when or where I was, when I looked around, I wasn't seeing anybody more qualified, even less so talented than my own team members anywhere. It was then it dawned on me how good they are. To date, that is still the case, even if my observation includes all the people I admire and on media. 



We all being weirdos one way or another, all having a strong weakness in the current mainstream perspective, giving the team yet more integrity. As a team, as good as it gets under the given social circumstances, but oddballs if you look at everyone individually, having walked the hard road into maturity, a broader society can associate with us, and so can we, with others. 


Then again, the whole group is quite unique in being mutational too. I am for example very open to acoustic conditioning, which means, I can perceive the acoustic, individual, sound-carried, mood carrying, mutational frequency, but am myself strongly manifested in the collective, visual, logical frequencies. This means, instead of having a personal, consistend and independend "voice" in that "acoustic" frequency range, I rather am sensitive and can form a synthesis of that acoustic and individual reality of the moment, place and group of people around me. Standing alone, I am stronger in being a receptive perceiver at that.  Yet with my team and context, I transform to become more active in being a synthesizer and a sender too, reaching a practical end product. 


And my collective, logical, visual nature translates the input into stable, often audiovisual and analytical material for the sake of the collective, the society, the slower changing reality like nature and seasons. I think Evolution fits in here as a word, as it could be seen as the collective slow mutation of humanity at large.

We explore evolution, as a result.



» You know yourself, you know the other! «





My team on the other hand is highly acoustic, not just as receivers but completely, creatively, self sufficiently, acoustic and transformative, impactfully individual beings, with their own ways of voicing it, which makes the whole team magnificent in forming a synthesis with my help, and calling it out with theirs, impactfully, artistically and individually, reaching out to every individual in society and being able to help transform, to mutate, what is long due, and in the long run, break down outdated conditioning and to encourage fluidly experienced and enjoyed evolution.


And so comes a fine tuned bigger collective reality into the conscious perspective too, without ignoring the individuals who shape it in first place. And Evolution is felt and understood naturally, instinctively, emotionally, by gut feeling, in all its facets. A more up to date, direct, differentiated truth comes into life. This helps us to find laughter and form good humor and conversation about the homogenised outdated collective truth, for the sake of the moment of course, for the joy of unreserved self-exploration! 



As the evolving individual awareness of the current generation suggests, we expect the upcoming generations to integrate into more intimate and person to person specific teams. To the extend of being born into such precise perception that choosing a singular particular individual to group up with, from global amount of possibilities, will become an effortless norm. Such groups and social bodies only will be possible with the support of the current generations of deconditioned individuals and well-engineered teams of all sizes. And we not only expect so far unseen performance and abilities from such social bodies, but also the necessity of their existence to survive in the future world at all. 




Sometimes, detailed, investigated close-up observation and empathy is required to form an intimate ability to read into a person, a group, social body or cycle, and provide assistance. This is different from person to person, and a method is only complete when provider and receiver are both personally choosen by each other yet integrated into the versatility and abundance of a well harmonizing team too: To know where to look, can very well require intimacy, but also a rich and flexible team, precision and understanding in what to look for, the right timing, distance, focus and peripheral view to take in all the changes and cycles in nature and immediate surrounding of the subject into account with the same detailed, individual yet team supported attention. We sometimes even create specific circumstances or design surprises to trigger spontaneous natural responses or evoke awareness of the subjects self-responses without the interference of the conditioned mind. 


Proper differentiation also allows uncompromised intensity and individuality in the connection with the Consultee, Partner or Subject in general, without losses in the so called "objectivity", to the contrary, projections and conditioning from outside carried into the irrelevant current situation at hand are rather an outdated norm of the past, of the age of planning, and even former standardisation, of tribal oversimplifications, where the awareness and space given for the individual person and the moment was scarce, and methods to get there were primitive. 


We don't compromise ourself for the job, the contrary, we only accept jobs, clients and challenges we appreciate, enjoy working with and can both thrive in the process.