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Every evolution cycle brings different themes into manifestation, and naturally these manifestations also come to an end, disintegrate or evolve by the end of it, to make way to the next manifestation and awareness to grow. So growth in quantity, is not really an expectation on such a passage from one cycle to the other, in such we experience just now. 




We are talking about norms here, things which have become standards for the broad society. Masterpieces and peak performance in human achievements, services, systems, products, pieces of art and science; perfected, dynamic and fully integrated complexities; such peaks are mostly reached, throughly and widely manifested, closer to the ends of evolution cycles; the manifestations of that late cycle, coming from individuals, tribes and the collective; bares fruit for society, closer to the end, before it disintegrates. There is a certain delay at play of course, lots of compromise and inflation too, in the slow collective manifestation.


     Then on some point, these manifestations, not supported by the times anymore, go unto unbearable pressure for evolvement as they detach, mutate, and adapt to the next evolution cycle, crumble apart first, lose integrity and finally change. For the most, these former manifestations fall  into disintegration and decomposing and might rather develop qualities like transitional, evolutionary, which are practical, important for survival.


     We see it slowly happening; War, natural catastrophes, disease, failures of systems, food shortages, inflation, loss of quality and durability and truth-fullness in everything ones norm, depopulation, implosion of young qualified population of integrity happens. How often do you feel today that the best version of something, anything, is existent as a norm, as a standard, as a the accessible-to-the-broad-society integral human way?—Think back multiple generations before you answer that please.



Myself, I almost always see a compromise, a cheap, a fake, an oversimplified and work-in-progress when I look around, there have been a better version of it in the past. Even supposable improvements are a downgrading on some other end of it. Mostly beauty, workmanship, invested human time is getting scarce. Mostly to save resources and as a compensation of inflation, which is an accumulation of such occurrence too. Our centralised once common values disintegrate. 





In this awareness; we as a team explore the uncompromised, the absolute, yet from a mutational perspective. A rich, dynamic and individuality-upholding extremely functional perspective where »culture« does not mean an expected compromise, an inflation or dilution of value over time. So basically, we start at a realistic and more detailed point of understanding and perception. We sense and feel into the moment, and set healthier expectations if any, observe into the future, the now and see minute changes in patterns continuously—recalibration follows as well as resynchronisation then again recalibration and application.


     Now in this picture, when we think about the corporate and institutional world; in a time of upcoming decades or even centuries where economy can only shrink, and this until the end of the lifetime of our generation and even further maybe forever; an expectation of growth on the side of a client, is already a warning sign to us that probably there is not enough awareness or too much outdated conditioning at play to even be able to start to consult, if this client institution is not one of those 1 in a 1.000 which specifically solves a future problem in society already, and is there for ready for the inevitable decentralisation and disintegration and change happening with the »age of planing« coming to an end. 


     We test our clients to the point that we want to be sure they are ready to be the forefront of their field or are already pioneering sensibly after the consultation. Otherwise it will be a waste of extremely tactical but globally very limited good consultant resources of such nature. It also is equally labor intensive and not particularly profitable thus spreading slowly and will never become mainstream in time. 




Almost all Companies of todays world will disappear and just a few will survive, extremely few will manage to grow, and  all will need to evolve. Growth will happen in 1 in a 1.000 at best. Maybe less. Rather 1 in 10.000 or even lesser. We are talking about a continuous decades long growth. That will be an absolute exception at best. And it won’t happen for the majority of todays Companies and Institutions. What is left and has adapted, or is initiated anew, will look very different. Already within a decade, two or three; the world will look very different. 


     There is a notion that the future—especially the ability to reach out and scale things is the future of the specialist. We want to prove that allrounders are just as scalable in success in the new decentral world and that the notion that the work of an allrounder is less scalable and less adaptable to todays world and digital age and media is actually a prejudice because of the selflessness of the mainstream of allrounders which are mainly conditioned. It is just as hard if not harder to be a perfected allrounder doing everything completely in the self and having a precision and maturity worth scaling.


That would be the basis of being able to team up. The specialisation is not just happening as a lifestyle or profession, it is happening to the human form itself, aided by nature and evolution itself, so it is inevitable anyways. We become more precisely differentiated and tuned self aware versions of ourselves to regroup a new, into precisely and intimately capable teams, and acquire special abilities we have been only dreaming about so far.




»The need to professionally specialise by the old definition is in this context quite silly at best.«


— E O F —